Shuwen Participates in “2018 Best of SABCS China” Conference in Shanghai

Shanghai, China – On January 14th, Shuwen participated in the “2018 Best of SABCS (San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium) China” conference in Shanghai, which announced a number of important findings associated with the treatment of breast cancer. More than 500 doctors registered to attend this conference, and well-known key opinion leaders from top breast cancer hospitals jointed the conference as speaker. Among the advanced technologies unveiled, MammaTyper® from Shuwen Biotech Co., Ltd.  received significant exposure  and became the center of attention.

In particular, Prof. Yang Wentao, pathologist of Caner Hospital of Fudan University and Prof. Zheng Weiqiang, pathologist of Changhai Hospital, affiliated with the Second Military Medical University, were invited to give a presentation on current pathology, immunohistochemistry (IHC) and molecular pathology of breast cancer.

Prof. Yang claimed that ki67 was poorly repeated in IHC, and IHC was time consuming with high labor costs. Prof. Zheng presented that compared to IHC, MammaTyper® has several advantages in terms of technical and clinical treatment. Based on RT-qPCR technology, MammaTyper® breast cancer molecular typing co
ld not only make up for the poor repeatability and consistency of IHC, but also could be used to provide more precise guidance by identify MKI67 which was poorly repeated by IHC .

After the discussion, conference participants were asked to vote for IHC or molecular pathology based on various factors. Before the presentation, 70% of the participants would choose IHC as the first line diagnosis, while, more than 80% of them preferred IHC plus joint detection with MammaTyper®.