Shuwen is focused on international collaboration and in-licensing to achieve its goal of becoming the leading provider of diagnostic kits/services in China with the most comprehensive test menu covering disease predisposition, screening, diagnosis, classification, prognosis, theranostics and therapeutic monitoring.  We are the best partner to help innovative companies and leading research institutions to succeed in the Chinese market.  We seek opportunities to partner with diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies and universities on diagnostic technologies and products at all stages and in all disease areas.

What We Can Offer Our Partners

For diagnostic companieswith developed kit products –we offer to license, register and distribute such products in China.  Manufacturing is optionally available in our facilities.

For diagnostic companies with laboratory developed tests (LDTs) – we offer to license, develop, and offer testing services and/or kits in China based on such LDTs.

For companies and universities with innovative technologies – we offer to license such technologies and patents, and develop them into innovative products for China and optionally other markets.

For pharmaceutical companies developing personalized therapies – we offer co-development of companion diagnostics, and registration and commercialization in China.  We have obtained exclusive patent rights to some potentially valuable biomarkers for targeted cancer therapies.  In addition, we also offer testing services for clinical trial samples in our clinical diagnostic labs.

For researchers in discoveries and development of diagnostics and pharmaceuticals – we offer research services and access to patient samples we collect from major Chinese hospitals.

Benefits of Shuwen Partnership:

Superb Expertise in Diagnostic IP

We distinguish ourselves with our unique experience and unmatched expertise in diagnostic patents.  Our management team includes a veteran U.S. patent attorney who was responsible for the prosecution and defense of some of most important gene and diagnostic patents in the U.S. and the rest of the world, and who previously held a senior management position in a leading diagnostic company in the U.S.

The patent environment in China and its diagnostic patent rules and practice are quite different from those in other countries.  It requires expertise, experience, flexibility, comprehensive strategies, and, importantly, a devoted effort to protect patents in China and extract value.  With a seasoned patent attorney as our CEO, we understand the value of intellectual property and have comprehensive IP strategies that will ensure the best return on both our investment and those of our licensors and partners.

Understanding of the West

Our management team includes several returnees from the U.S and Europe. who have spent a combined total of more than 50 years living and working in the U.S and Europe.  Our executive team also includes natives and local talents in China.  Therefore, we understand the cultures and business practices of the West and China, and speak the language of our partners and our customers.

Technical Capabilities

Shuwen has an experienced development team with expertise and a proven track record in diagnostic assay development according to the US FDA registration standard.  The team is also experienced in technology transfer and localization of IVD and LDT products for China.  The company has access to patient samples and has established a patient sample collection for research and development use.

Shuwen has built its own IVD kit manufacturing facilities licensed by the CFDA, and has expertise in IVD product registration and manufacturing in China.

In addition, Shuwen is offering laboratory developed tests (LDT) through a licensed clinical reference lab in China with capabilities for diagnostic testing services.


Shuwen markets its diagnostic kits and laboratory test services to physicians and their patients in Chinese hospitals.  Shuwen has established marketing channels that cover all of China, including the 300 largest hospitals.  It also has access to key opinion leaders in China.

Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities that meet your needs.